Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Diamond Top Anti fatigue mat
Dry Floor - Indoor

These Anti-Fatigue Mats reduce worker fatigue and increase safety in industrial environments thanks to its diamond surface that provides a non skid floor for people working on production lines, industrial workstations, workshops, etc.

  • Yellow borders to increase visibility
  • Grease and oil resistant to help prevent slips
  • Durable vinyl surface resistant to most chemical spills
  • Available without safety border

Safety Sponge with Yellow Border
Dry/Wet Floor - Indoor

This is a great matting solution for all workshop, factory or warehouses since it’s comfortable and safe because it’s an antifatigue non-skid mat that brings high visibility during night hours.

  • Sponge vinyl core construction with corrugated surface.
  • Charcoal color with safety yellow border.
  • Thickness: 3/8”
  • Non-skid mat to prevent slips and falls.

Safety Sponge Mats. Foam Tiles, Foam Mats, Safety Mats, Rubber Tiles
Dry/Wet Floor - Indoor

These safety mats help reduce the stress and discomfort during extended periods of standing. The vinyl anti-fatigue mats foam structure makes standing for a long time less uncomfortable, while the ribbed surface increases safety by helping to reduce dangerous slips and falls.

  • Ribbed surface increases safety.
  • Can easily be cut to any custom size.
  • 3/8” vinyl foam structure.
  • Available in black color.

5/8″ Safety Sponge
Dry/Wet Floor - Indoor

This heavy duty mat is a great anti-fatigue solution since it’s resistant, comfortable and functional, it traps dirt and prevents accidents, thanks to its corrugated surface. A mat that resists rough use and lasts.

  • Sponge vinyl core, corrugated surface.
  • 5/8” thickness.
  • Resists oil and grease.
  • Available in 3 different colors.

Diamond Safety Sponge Mat
Dry Floor – Indoor

Diamond protection Sponge is an outstanding product that offers comfort and safety. This mat is constituted of vinyl core sponge with diamond tread floor. The diamond tread resists oil and grease and will no longer take in water. This exceptional mat lays flat and remains in place growing in-plant protection. perfect for use in factories and warehouses at workstations and assembly strains.

Unimat Comfort Tile flooring
Dry/Wet Floor - Indoor/Outdoor

Either indoors or outdoors, the Unimat Comfort Tile Mat raises foot traffic above wet floors. Open grid design allows water to drain through to prevent slipping. Beveled ramps on three sides provide extra safety against tripping.

  • Recycled flexible vinyl with waffle grid surface.
  • 3/4”
  • Black color, with black and yellow endings.
  • Open grid design allows water to drain through to prevent slipping.