Kitchen Mats

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Advantage Lite
Wet and Dry

Thick rubber kitchen mats with molded bevel edges on all sides that allow easy cart access. Ideal kitchen mats for bars, dish wash areas, assembly lines, counters and more.

  • Anti-slip surface for a safer work area.
  •  Apprx 1/2'' thick rubber.
  • Anti-fatigue for worker comfort and improved productivity.
  • Excellent drainage of liquids and waste.

Premium Lite
Wet and Dry

This lighter version of our heavier drainage mats 1/2'' thick, yet it offers no compromise in safety and comfort. Unlike other 1/2'' drainage mats, its design weighs 34 pounds, which helps reduce movement and adds product life.

  • Anti-fatigue – provides worker comfort and increases productivity.
  •  1/2'' thick rubber.
  • Extra thick edges helps prevent tearing during handling and cleaning.
  • Drain holes allow debris and liquids to pass through mat.

Unimat Modular Heavy Duty
Wet and Dry

An amazing rubber mat that is practical and functional, since its unique “built-in” connecting system keeps the mats tightly connected and eliminates the need for separate hooks.

  • Molded bevel edge adds safety.
  • 3/4' thick rubber.
  • Excellent drainage of liquids and waste.
  • Center and End sections easily accommodate any area.

Reversible Safety Runner
Wet and Dry

Specially formulated rubber compund makes NI-RIB very versatile in a variety of food service applications where safety is important.

  • “V” rib design provides excellent slip resistance.
  • Solid or Perforated styles.
  • Reversible – use rib side or knob.
  • Reduces trackage – debris is cleaned from shoes by squeegee action.

Comfort Max – Red Mat
Wet and Dry

Comfort Max – Red is an excellent grease proof anti-fatigue solution, providing comfort and the ultimate performance due to its revolutionary new lightweight closed-cell nitrile rubber foam. Antimicrobial additive prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth and in addition this mat has an anti-slip textured surface. 5 year guarantee against breakdown from grease.

Comfort Max – Black Mat – Comfort mats for standing in kitchens
Wet and Dry

The comfort Max – Black is an exceptional anti-fatigue solution that gives comfort and an remarkable performance because of its innovative new light-weight closed-cellular nitrile rubber foam. This top notch kitchen mat is available in two unique styles, you can have it with strong pinnacle or with Drainage Holes for maximum drainage purposes. Antimicrobial additive prevents mildew, mildew and bacterial increase and in addition this mat has an anti-slip textured floor. five year assure against breakdown from grease.

Unimat Reversible Lite Mat for Kitchens
Wet and Dry

This low profile with most effective ¼” thick kitchen mat has a non-absorbant closed-cell rubber gadget. In addition the Unimat Reversible Lite is reversible which lets in prolonged product existence. This first-rate mat is constructed from a hundred% nitrile and has an great grease evidence system. The Unimat Reversible Lite may be utilized in moist and dry regions, having an awesome Drainage, Anti-Slip and Anti-Fatigue performance. available in purple and Black coloration.

Honeycomb Plus Kitchen Mat for standing comfort
Wet and Dry

Our Honeycomb Plus has a completely unique hexagonal floor design along side raised bottom knobs, supplying anti-fatigue homes for worker comfort in kind of light to medium programs. This type of kitchen mat has a 9/16″ thick rubber, its layout adds energy and durability. The honeycomb plus promotes correct drainage due to its open hollow layout, also offers an anti-slip floor that guarantees protection within the work area. available in Brown and purple shade.

Portable Mat Wash Rack

This unique matting accessory speeds up the handling, cleaning and drying of kitchen, bar and industrial mats. Transports your mats quickly and easily from workstation to cleaning area. No more dragging mats by hand or throwing them into cumbersome bus carts.

  • Zinc plated tubular steel.
  • 500 lbs capacity.
  • Dimensions – 42”I x 28”w x 40”h
  • Four swivel casters.