Dura Soft Loading Dock Bumpers

Laminated dock bumpers use fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from recycled truck tires behind a 3/8″ floating steel face for increased impact protection. These laminated dock bumpers have an steel face that eliminate wear from up and down friction movement of trailer when unloading.

  • Unparalleled ability to deflect and absorb shock.
  • Provides maximum protection.
  • Steel-Face plate makes the Dura-Soft Bumper ideal for use in docking areas.
  • It may be used in any material-handling system where heavy-duty protection is required.




The Dura Soft Loading Dock Bumpers provide outstanding protection for heavy duty loading docks and also provide the greatest impact absorption. The Loading dock bumpers is the best product available in the market today with its patented loop design of pads and 3/8 inch thick steel-face plate.

Laminated loading dock bumpers offer the best protection system for your infrastructure from hits and cracks and heavy-handling procedures. Low upkeep costs combined with parking lot protection and protection of vehicle and pavements.


  • Perfect for high demand areas that need heavy loading
  • An excellent product that can contain the greatest impact; therefore, be used in areas that need impact

Features & Benefits

  • Loop design laminated bumper beneath a floating steel-face that has the ability to deflect and absorb shock
  • Offering the greatest impact absorption available on the market today with a unique loop design of the bumper pads
  • Ideal for use in areas where excessive friction from vertical movement occur due Steel-Face plate
  • Can be used where heavy duty protection is required in any material handling system


  • Parking Lots
  • For heavy material-handling

5.5″ Thickness

Stock Size Qty. 1 Qty. 2 – 10 Qty. 11 – 25 Qty. 26 – 74 Qty. 75+
110801 5.5″x10″x14″
110802 5.5″x10″x18″
110803 5.5″x10″x24″
110804 5.5″x10″x36″
110805 5.5″x12″x14″
110806 5.5″x12″x18″
110807 5.5″x12″x24″
110808 5.5″x12″x36″
110809 5.5″x20″x11″
110810 5.5″x24″x11″
110811 5.5″x36″x11″