Outdoor Mats for patio and pool areas

Great for outdoors ans indoors. These outdoor mats look perfect, in loobies, entrances and even outside of the elevator.

  • Durable polypropylene face is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance
  • Certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Available in 18 different colors


Features & Benefits

  • Great for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Easy to clean, simply, vacuum, shake or rinse with a hose and allow to dry.
  • Choose from up to 50 bright, long lasting colors.
  • Non-skid.


If you are looking for a resistant, elegant and functional mat, this is a good alternative for you. In addition, this outdoor mat can also be used indoor and are useful for hotels, offices and residencies. Moreover, they are available in more than a few colors which can fit with your décor needs.

They’re a classic piece of art, besides, these outdoor mats are available in 18 different colors to meet your décor needs.


You can use on hotels, offices and home entrances to have a stunning and good lolling appearance.