Vinyl Mats for floors

Features & Benefits

  • Great for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Easy to clean, simply, vacuum, shake or rinse with a hose and allow to dry.
  • Choose from up to 50 bright, long lasting colors.
  • Non-skid.


Great for indoors and outdoors thanks to its outstanding resistance and durability, vinyl mats are the real deal because they’re are constructed of an extruded vinyl in a random loop pattern, this traps dirt and moisture and help promote a safe non-slip floor. Vinyl mats can be manufactured in any size that it occurs to you and they’re also quite affordable.

You might use these vinyl mats to place at your entrance door, or you might ask for a bigger piece to dress up around your pool area, it doesn’t really matter since they’re UV resistant and easy to wash.


Place them on any entrance and give your place an stunning image.